Success Stories

Dr. Curtiss is a true holistic physician. Aside from the plethora of things she’s done for me, she kept my daughter nursing when other MDs told me I’d have to stop, due to a diagnosis and treatment of Clostridium difficile, commonly known as C diff. About one week after completing a round of antibiotics, I had severe GI distress. I went to urgent care and my lab work confirmed that I tested positive for C diff, strains A and B. The urgent care doctors immediately prescribed a pretty hard-hitting antibiotic–one I was told would cause me to have to stop breastfeeding. “This is the only was to get rid of C diff,” the urgent care docs suggested. Hoping there was an alternative, I immediately called Dr. Curtiss. She told me that I had to starve the bacteria and she put me on a sugar-free diet for two weeks. Not only did I drop an unwanted 8 lbs., I also got rid of the C diff and kept my daughter nursing. Thank you, Dr. Curtiss. You are a true blessing.

T.B. and Baby D


This was truly an incredible gift that connected my logical mind and intuitive body.  Jen brought the two together and allowed me to realize and embrace things I already knew but hadn’t completely grasped.  I emerged from her massage feeling like she’d tuned an important instrument inside me, and felt both grounded and amazingly light.  Best of all, a mantra came to me, helping me embrace the whole experience and carry it with me daily.  Thank you!



Dr. Jennifer Curtiss has the compassionate presence that is absolutely necessary to do the deep, freeing work of Holistic Pelvic Care.  In her care, I felt honored, appreciated and understood …and through that experience, I gained an even deeper understanding and respect for the feminine that is my body, mind and spirit.



I’m 36 and for 4 yrs. my husband and I tried to conceive unsuccessfully. We sought the advice of the top fertility specialists in our area and they could only offer in-vitro fertilization as a solution. This required $13,000, a grueling 6-8 wks of multiple hormone injections, very time specific frequent blood tests, etc. The drawbacks were numerous and would force my body do what it naturally NEVER would.

A very good friend introduced me to Dr. Curtiss and from the very beginning what she offered to do made logical sense, re-establish balance to enable my body to function as it should, naturally.

After only 4 months of working with Dr. Curtiss and less than $1000 invested, I became pregnant.
I had intermittent phone appointments during those 4 months leading up to conception. I would report exactly how I had been feeling both physically and emotionally and she would alter or add to the supplements I was taking.

Physically, I had more energy at the end of the day when I normally had fizzled out. What surprised me the most, or what I had least expected was the dramatic change in my libido. By the 4th month, my libido was far improved, perhaps better than it had ever been.

Emotionally, Dr. Curtiss specifically helped me with PMS symptoms of becoming easily anxiety ridden and upset over things which generally didn’t bother me. Throughout the month my mood became more stabile, I had less moodiness.

There has not been a single downside to my decision to see Dr. Curtiss. The ultimate upside has been 1, Dr. Curtiss’s skill in improving the health and balance of my body so that it could conceive and 2, knowing my womb is now a healthy, safe place to grow my baby.



Dr Curtiss was instrumental in helping me prepare my body for conception of my second child.  After having no trouble becoming pregnant with my first child, I assumed the second time around would be just as easy, but that wasn’t the case for me.  Dr Curtiss tailored a program to address and support the issues causing my fertility struggle.  After only a few months I began to feel more like myself than I had since delivering my first child.  Shortly thereafter I became pregnant.  Dr. Curtiss was supportive all throughout my pregnancy and continues to monitor my thyroid and hormones post delivery.  Not only is Dr. Curtiss very knowledgeable, but she is also a very compassionate physician that really listens and makes time for her patients.



I can’t say enough about Dr. Jennifer Curtiss and her practice.  I met with her after having a bad experience with a conventional doctor.   In my first appointment with Dr. Curtiss, I shared with her my conditions, and she knew so much off the top of her head.  I learned more in one appointment with her than I had gleaned off of 6 months of online research and 3 months of treatment with a conventional doctor.  Within a month of taking the natural supplements prescribed by Dr. Curtiss, my symptoms began to go away.  After 2 months with the regimen, my blood work came back normal.

I also have to add that I saved a lot of money by switching to Dr. Curtiss.  She charges in increments of $25 for 15 minutes.  The conventional doctor charged me $90 for a 7 minute appt!  For those without insurance, this really makes good quality care within reach.  The supplements can be expensive, but the overall cost savings of her treatment make up for this added expense, and the supplements make a BIG difference.  I hate taking pills and I hate prescription drugs, but the natural supplements she offers get to the root cause of conditions, not just a bandaid.

Even though I have insurance now, and I don’t have to pay out-of-pocket for visits with a conventional doctor, I still see Dr. Curtiss for trusted advice when I need analysis of my blood work and recommendations for holistic solutions to root causes.

Dr. Jennifer Curtiss is one of the sharpest women I have ever met.  I am so impressed with her, and trust her implicitly with my health.  That’s says a lot because I am VERY critical and cautious about who I trust with my health.