About Doctor Curtiss

Dr. Curtiss’s mission is to help grow healthy families. She specializes in pre-conception health and fertility support for both men and women, but is also a primary-care physician who loves to establish long-term relationships and work with patients of all ages.

Having grown up in rural southern Oregon, Dr. Curtiss feels a deep connection to the land, and her love of nature figures prominently in her work as a naturopathic physician.

Acting as a medical detective, Dr. Curtiss looks for the underlying cause of illness, and finds natural ways of resolving problems for long-term health. She seeks to improve the health of every cell in the body and promote optimal function for all organs and systems. Her treatments may include nutritional therapy using diet and supplements, physical medicine, intramuscular and intravenous therapy, botanicals, homeopathy, energetic medicine, and counseling.

Dr. Curtiss’ Education and Experience

  • Doctorate in naturopathic medicine from National College of Natural Medicine, including doctoral research in fertility
  • 3-year post-doctorate mentorship
  • BS in exercise physiology from University of Montana
  • Certified Holistic Pelvic Care™ practitioner, trained by Tami Kent, MSPT
  • Certified barre3 Instructor & barre3 Nutrition Consultant, barre3.com
  • Advanced training in Methylation, Clinical Nutrigenomics, and Functional Medicine

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